You are unable to individually block specific categories of advertising.  We understand that keeping your website visitors safe from potentially harmful, offensive, and explicit advertising is very important.  PageFair automatically filters out the following categories of advertising so that you do not have to do so.

Categories of ads that are blocked:

Context Link Providers, Dating, Internet Properties, Affiliate Offers, Consumer Loans, Free Giveaways, Misleading Claims, Get Rich Quick, Firearms and Weapons, Gambling, Alcoholic Beverages and References, Flashing and Strobing, Fake Closing Action, Blood/Gore, Mild or Suggestive Profanity, Download/Watch/Play Button, Horoscope or Astrology, Dating - Sexually Explicit, Medical Devices, Clinical Trial Recruitment, HIV home tests, Abortion, Birth Control or Fertility Products, Cosmetic Procedures, Cosmetic Procedure Nudity, Alcohol - Online Sales, Alcohol - Prohibited Content, Firearms and Weapons: Sporting Goods Stores, Firearms and Weapons: Gun Accessories, and Firearms and Weapons: Services and Education

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