PageFair technology has been implemented with a privacy-by-design approach. We have taken care not to neither process nor store any data that is unnecessary for the operation of each service.

PageFair Analytics does not store any identifiers in first- or third-party cookies. It is implemented entirely with first party non-identifying cookies, which keep track of the results of a suite of adblocking tests that are performed by our JavaScript. The only information that is transmitted to PageFair’s servers is the list of true/false test results from these tests. When received, these are immediately aggregated, without storage of any per-user information. Additionally, HTTP logs are purged after 5 days.

The PageFair Ad Network is also designed to limit data leakage to the greatest possible extent, while still coordinating with our programmatic partners. Uniquely, the PageFair Ad Network is based on server-side ad rendering technology, which means that unauthorised third parties are unable to drop tracking cookies on the user’s browser. The PageFair Ad Network utilises a 1st party tracking ID, which is synchronised against approved partners, primarily to enable frequency capping. This approach maximizes the value of the advertising, while making it impossible for advertising technology companies to track the user between websites (unless, of course, they have already been whitelisted by the adblock user).

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