The PageFair Ad Network is currently in “private beta”, meaning that it is invitation-only at this time.  If you are interested in being notified about the PageFair Ad Network's public release, please sign up for an account.

"Beta" release status designates that the product is a pre-release version that we are testing under live conditions with a select set of publishers. The functionality is substantially close to what the final version will be.  As we scale the number of publishers using the platform, we will observe and uncover things that needs fixing.

Given that it’s a pre-release version, there may be delays and updates to the software that we need to make. Publishers considering participating in the beta release should do so with the understanding that the on-boarding process and ongoing support may take longer and be more involved than would be if the software were in final release status.

Note: This article relates to the PageFair Ad Network, a self-serve solution that serves tamper-proof and respectful ads from PageFair’s demand partners.  If you represent a publisher with more than 50 million adblocked ad impressions per month, please contact us regarding the PageFair Premium service.

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