It only takes a few minutes to begin detecting and measuring your website’s adblock rate through PageFair.  

After signing into your account you will be brought into the PageFair Setup Screen.  The JavaScript tag that you see here is specific to your website.  

The first line of this JavaScript tag includes jQuery, so if you already have jQuery installed then you do not need to copy the first line of code.  If you are unsure if you have jQuery installed, you can check by clicking the button that says “Do I have jQuery installed?”

Copy the JavaScript tag. If jQuery is not installed, copy the entire thing.  If jQuery is installed, omit the first line of code.

Now go into your website’s HTML.  Paste the PageFair tag below where you have jQuery installed on your site.  If you don’t have jQuery installed, paste the entire tag that we provide.  The best place to past the PageFair tag is right before the closing HTML head tag.

Make sure you save the changes that you’ve made to your site, and then go back to your PageFair account.  You can verify that the installation was successful by clicking the “Verify Installation” button.

The adblock analytics tool is now live and measuring your website’s adblock rate.

If you would like to add another website to adblock analytics, check out this article.

If you still need help, please send us a message.

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